A Step Toward Success

I’ve been writing stories, poems, plays, and critics from the time I learned to write. I’ve had passions come and go throughout the years, but writing has and will always be what I do. As an English major, I was criticized for choosing a field with few prospects. Maybe you’ve heard the old saying, “If you want to be poor, be a writer”. Or “An English major? So you’re going to teach?” There are so many naysayers that would encourage you to choose a different path, some with the best intentions, of course. Facing obstacles when you’re working diligently and giving it your all can feel defeating. It’s not necessarily failure, but maybe the right opportunity or the lucky chance you’ve been waiting for haven’t arrived. If you have a passion that ignites your soul and fills your being, it cannot be contained. Give it time, and in the meantime, keep at it. Even if it’s not paying immediately, all your efforts will pay off eventually.
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